About Us

Welcome to Odin’s Den!  Our focus is your Minnesota Vikings!  We touch on other topics like the overall NFL and fantasy football, but were here to give you the latest Vikings news, commentary and game coverage.  We refuse to facilitate your napping needs, we feature entertainment, comedy and a quality you won’t find anywhere else.  We will make you laugh your Vikings helmet right off!



The fearless leader of this podcast ship.  He started as an on and off Vikings fan since Daunte gave us a couple good years, but his passion for the team has grown immensely.  The producer, webmaster and overall computer nerd of Odin’s Den.  Born and raised in Fargo ND.


Favorite Current Player: Eric Kendricks

Favorite Non-Current Player: John Randle

The Hammer

The encyclopedia brain behind the podcast and co-host.  Ask him about a superbowl and he will tell you who played in it!  Life long Vikings fan.  Born and raised in the Twin Cities area, and now resides in Fargo ND.  He spent some time in Wisconsin, but if he thinks about it he starts to vomit.


Favorite Current Player: Harrison Smith

Favorite Non-Current Player: Pat Williams


Ronster is a life long Minnesota sports fan. We dare anyone to beat his knowledge and comedic wit! Just stop right now, since you won’t! He has survived the Vikings great depression and came out on the other side without a scratch.


Favorite Current Player: Chad Greenway

Favorite Non-Current Player: Chuck Foreman


J-Rock is a party & comedy extraordinaire and a #1 Vikings fan.  He helps out the podcast and fills in the A gap, kapeesh?  He hails from the land of oil and non-stop excitement, Williston ND.  Don’t do a background check on him though, you might find his Adrian Peterson rookie card smuggling ring!


Favorite Current Player: Harrison Smith

Favorite Non-Current Player: Alan Page

What’s up with the Odin reference?  Back in the old Metropolitan Stadium the crowd used to chant Ooooooodin, who is the viking god of war.  People would say there was an eerie feeling in the air, beyond the freezing weather which also worked to our advantage.  We would love to bring that chant and reference back!