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Odin's Den Podcast Episode 026: A New Horizon

20 Mar Episode 026: A New Horizon

On the first episode of the 2017 football season, we cover all of the latest free agency signings and movement news for your Minnesota Vikings.  We also go over the home and away opponents for 2017 and The Hammer talks about his annual trip to...

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Episode 025: The Best Of 2016

13 Feb Episode 025: The Best Of 2016

Welcome to our best of 2016 episode!  Our first season and the 2016 football season has come to a close.  A-Train has gone over the first 24 episodes with a fine-tooth comb and hand picked some of the best moments and banter of the 2016...

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Austin Shepherd On The Minnesota Vikings | Odin's Den Podcast

06 Dec Austin Shepherd: The Forgotten Man

In May of 2015, the Minnesota Vikings selected Austin Shepherd in the 7th round of the NFL Draft with little fanfare.  Described by Mark Dulgerian as "a fighter who won with effort against SEC opponents"; Shepherd was widely viewed as a tough, hard-nosed football player...

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Episode 019: A Wild Lion Approaches | Odin's Den Podcast

29 Nov Episode 019: A Wild Lion Approaches

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  The Vikings are in a giving spirit, as they keep giving out wins to other teams.  We analyze the week 12 Lions game, cover some practice squad moves, introduce another new Vikings Player Focus and we take a phone call from a...

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