Can The Minnesota Vikings Make The 2016 Playoffs?

19 Nov Can The Minnesota Vikings Make The 2016 Playoffs?

Well, here we are, week 11 and we are 5-4.  Not what I thought would happen, not what I expected for this point in the season.  Not a 4 game losing streak.  You could say myself and most Viking fans have over sized hopes, every year.  I knew down to my core this would be a good year.  It still has been.  It’s hard to stay positive sometimes, I get it.  A lot of NFL fans in general are very quick to form opinions, point fingers and take a stance.  This has still been the best Vikings season in 6 years for many reasons, even if we would lose the rest of our games.  We still have an awesome team filled with talent, a great front office, a great coaching staff and a brand new amazing stadium.  We have been drafting great and I don’t see that slowing down either.  How horrible the Packers have been, should almost alone make this an amazing season for us.  The Lions and Bears have their moments and years, but are they ever really that scary, like ever?  It’s always been the Packers.  They have finally fallen from grace.  No team can stay elite forever, nor can a single player.  They are doing worse than us in general and I still think we have been about the best at making adjustments this season, with all of the injuries and the on the field adjustments.  Bringing in free agents, making trades, at least we are taking action to fix things, all the time.  I will probably always dislike the Packers and most of their fan base, but this year is the first year they probably won’t make the playoffs since 2008 and boy does that feel good.  They might have a better O line and D line on paper, but that is about where it ends.  Let’s take a quick look at PFF grades shall we?

Sam Bradford0%
Aaron Rodgers0%
Wide Receivers
Stefon Diggs0%
Adam Thielen0%
Jordy Nelson0%
Randall Cobb0%
Tight Ends
Kyle Rudolph0%
Richard Rodgers0%
Terence Newman0%
Captain Munnerlyn0%
Ladarius Gunter0%
Micah Hyde0%
Harrison Smith0%
Morgan Burnett0%
Eric Kendricks0%
Jake Ryan0%

As you can clearly see, we are literally better than them on paper according to PFF at a lot of key positions.  Both teams have been a disaster at the RB position this year and look to keep making changes or improvements.  We were firing on all cylinders, where as they have been struggling all year.  People talk about how Zimmer lost his fire and edge with his attitude and approach with the team.  Norv is gone, Blair is finally gone.  We are an always changing, always improving amoeba.  After the bottom basement Bears game, there is really no where to go but up.  We have seen the fight of the 5-0 Vikings a lot more the last 2 games.  It’s football, it’s harder than people think to win.  Don’t let a loss or a losing streak make you flip a table and curse someones name.  We are still the best team in this division and we have VERY winnable games for the rest of the season.  If we win even 4 out of the next 7 we have a damn good shot and should be sitting pretty nice.  The only one that worries me is the Cowboys.  Up next though is the Cardinals.  If we can stop David Johnson, who is truly the second coming of AP, we CAN win this game.  Turn this season around and keep the faith.  Stay positive and always trust your gut instinct.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

– A-Train

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