Episode 034: The German Experiment

04 Sep Episode 034: The German Experiment

Episode 034: The German Experiment | Odin's DenATTENTION: Right away we would like to mention that were are aware of the quality issue with this episode. It is not up to our usual standards as we try to make this the best sounding podcast of the Minnesota Vikings. We still wanted to post this episode even though it was realized afterwards of the quality and crackling issue. We hope you still enjoy it and we will be top notch again for the regular season. Thank you for your patience.

A-Train & The Hammer.

On this episode, we cover the fairly disgusting Dolphins pre-season game in week 4 and give you the final 53 live after 3PM as it was happening. There was also some other Vikings news and of course a Player Focus to be had as well. SKOL!