Even The Viking Fanbase is Classy

24 Oct Even The Viking Fanbase is Classy

Even The Viking Fanbase is Classy | Vikings News BlogIt’s been a week and a half now since Viking fan Dave Moschel confronted a Packer fan who was vandalizing property in his yard and was stabbed 7 times.  I’m sure everyone has heard what happened by now but here is a link to the story: http://www.startribune.com/vikings-fan-in-wisconsin-stabbed-7-times-in-altercation-over-inflatable/396670751/


First of all it’s great that Moschel plans to keep the inflatable mascot in his yard and refuses to be intimidated.  As a Viking fan that was forced to live in Wisconsin for a few years, I empathize with this man.  It wasn’t easy to keep wearing my Viking t-shirts to school and for crying out loud I was never stabbed.  Stay strong Mr. Moschel.  Keep fighting the good fight.


But secondly, how classy is this man?  He was thankful he DIDN’T have his concealed carry on him.  Honestly, how many of us out there might have wished we had our gun on us to avoid getting stabbed by a crazy person?  In the interview he said he was glad he doesn’t have to live with killing someone and I commend him for that.  Enduring a brutal stabbing to avoid killing someone is probably even more difficult than it sounds.  Moschel seems like a solid, upstanding citizen and I am proud to cheer for the same football team he does.


For their part the Minnesota Viking Organization has invited Moschel to a practice and the November 20th game against the Arizona Cardinals.  I hope he can blow the Gjallarhorn while we’re at it.


Bottom line – Mike Zimmer recently said in an interview that he wants this team to represent their fans well.  I believe that they are, and I also believe the fans have set the bar pretty high.


     – The Hammer