Fixing Blair Walsh

07 Oct Fixing Blair Walsh

Fixing Blair Walsh | Minnesota Vikings News | Odin's DenOn a previous episode of the podcast, my good friend The A-Train and I were discussing the struggles of one Blair Walsh.  Neither of us has any inside knowledge on the mental state of the seemingly mercurial Viking placekicker, but that will never stop us from disagreeing on something.  While I still believe Walsh’s trouble is more mental than physical I will try playing devil’s advocate this evening.


After looking at Walsh’s career splits I must admit there seems to be a bit of a trend.  His career field goal percentage in home games is 87.5% (56 for 64).  In road games this number dips to 82% (73 for 89).  Even Walsh’s career extra point percentage sees a three percent increase when kicking at home vs. on the road (96.7% vs. 93.7%).


Just for good measure I wanted to check Walsh’s indoor/outdoor splits and it tells virtually the same story.  Indoors he is good for 87.7% (he has a handful of kicks under a retractable roof that I decided to include in the indoor category).  Outdoors Walsh is sitting at 81.8%.  And he has a nearly FIVE PERCENT spike in extra points indoors vs. outdoors.  For Extra Points.  Let that sink in a a moment.


Perhaps I was wrong and The A-Train is correct in believing it’s more an issue of mechanics.  Maybe Blair Walsh just needs to be physically comfortable.  It might be a good idea to get a kickstarter campaign going to get Blair Walsh an extra plush reclining chair for the sidelines during games.  Get the team to spring for daily foot massages and pedicures.  I don’t care; whatever it takes to get Walsh kicking better.


I suppose the next best thing would be for the team to just get home-field advantage throughout the playoffs 🙂


– The Hammer