Gaining Closure On Mike Harris

07 Oct Gaining Closure On Mike Harris

Mike Harris | Odin's Den Podcast

Gaining Closure on the Mike Harris Situation


As anyone can tell you, dwelling on negative thoughts or experiences generally doesn’t benefit anyone.  However it’s still human nature to do so from time to time and it can be a vicious cycle.  So it’s a nice weight I can lift off my shoulders when I can move past something I had been dwelling on for quite some time.  Allow me to explain.

In June of 2016, Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Mike Harris was suddenly unable to play football.  Not much was known at that time other than it seemed to be some kind of head injury or illness.  Harris remained hopeful he might play that season but it wasn’t meant to be.  The Vikings placed him on the Non-Football Injury List and he missed the entire 2016 season.  It has recently been announced that Mike Harris has a congenital brain condition called Brain Arteriovenous Malformation.  But for me personally it goes one more step beyond that.

If you’ll remember, the Vikings beat the Packers week 17 in Lambeau to win the NFC North division the previous season.  And in the second quarter of that game Mike Harris was punched in the back of the head.  After the play, Clay Matthews literally punched Mike Harris in the back of the head for some reason and received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for it.  For over a year I wondered – did the effects of that punch linger and somehow cause Mike Harris a serious head injury?  That sort of thing isn’t completely impossible; I’ve personally witnessed someone get a concussion from someone slapping the top of their head while they were wearing a football helmet.  For over a year I stewed over the possibility that I might have to hate Clay Matthews even more than I already did.  It wasn’t a good feeling.

But now I know that Matthews didn’t actually cause Mike Harris any harm.  I don’t have to be consumed with thoughts like that and I can go back to hating Clay Matthews and the rest of the Packers simply for being the Packers.  It sounds like Harris will have a procedure done soon to correct his condition and doctors have told him there is a less than 5 percent chance of this condition recurring.  He is expected to lead a normal life and this is great news, indeed.

We here at Odin’s Den would like to wish Mike Harris and his family nothing but the best.  We thank you for your efforts on the field to this great Viking franchise and extend warm wishes to your future endeavors off the field.  Here’s to closure for everyone.


– The Hammer