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Episode 065: Riding High | Odin's Den Podcast

09 Oct Episode 065: Riding High

What a great Monday Vikings Nation! We recorded later than usual but rest assured we are riding high on that sweet, sweet Eagles win. There isn't much going on in the news department, but as usual we cover our victory in week 5 and the...

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The Eagles: A New Rival Appears | Odin's Den Podcast

10 Feb The Eagles: A New Rival Appears

  Until their Superbowl win, the Vikings and the Eagles were more similar than people probably think, except they have an even bigger history of being losers. Vikings fans don't really talk about the Eagles much, or view them as a main rival, in my mind...

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Episode 051: The Disaster Artist | Odin's Den Podcast

23 Jan Episode 051: The Disaster Artist

On this short and sweet update episode, A-Train gives a brief update on the devastating loss to the Eagles and a podcast update. He struggles to understand what happened and files it away in the unsolved mysteries folder. This was the worst Monday all year,...

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