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Episode 061: Roster Rampage | Odin's Den Podcast

04 Sep Episode 061: Roster Rampage

On this episode, we cover all of the up to date roster news and even have breaking news as we record! The final 53 man has been set and the practice squad as well! There is some sad news, as A-Train fights back at emotion...

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The Hammer's Final 53 2018 | Odin's Den Podcast

24 Aug The Hammer’s Final 53 | 2018 Edition

Much like last year, I believe I will name the 53 players that I personally would have representing the Minnesota Vikings this season if I was calling the shots.  There are a couple items in this list that may or may not pan out (I...

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Episode 034: The German Experiment | Odin's Den

04 Sep Episode 034: The German Experiment

ATTENTION: Right away we would like to mention that were are aware of the quality issue with this episode. It is not up to our usual standards as we try to make this the best sounding podcast of the Minnesota Vikings. We still wanted to...

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Odin's Den Podcast Misery Loves Company

05 Sep Episode 008: Misery Loves Company

On this sad episode, we cover the season ending Teddy injury, the surprise signing of Sam Bradford, and other cuts & roster moves.  Preseason game 4 was exciting, we dive into the good and bad.  The Hammer cries a bit and we hear from a...

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Minnesota Vikings Roster Cuts 2016 | Odin's Den Podcast

30 Aug The Hammer’s Final 53

  With the first roster cut-down date looming, I think it's time to have a little fun and list the 53 men I want representing our Minnesota Vikings this season.  This is not a prediction of what I think Rick Spielman will do.  This is how...

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