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Episode 065: Riding High | Odin's Den Podcast

09 Oct Episode 065: Riding High

What a great Monday Vikings Nation! We recorded later than usual but rest assured we are riding high on that sweet, sweet Eagles win. There isn't much going on in the news department, but as usual we cover our victory in week 5 and the...

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Episode 038: The Curse Technique | Odin's Den Podcast

12 Oct Episode 038: The Curse Technique

On Episode 38 of Odin's Den, guest host Ronster joins A-Train wile The Hammer is off pillaging another innocent village with his viking war cry. Ronster shares some old school stories and takes on his beloved Minnesota Vikings team. Like usual roster moves, injuries, the...

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Odin's Den Podcast | Episode 013: The Last Team Standing

10 Oct Episode 013: The Last Team Standing

What a great stadium, what a great episode!  A-Train and The Hammer go over the Texans game that they attended in US Bank Stadium.  We also break some news and debut 2 new host profile segments.  A new sponsor might be on the horizon as...

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