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Episode 055: The Spielman Effect | Odin's Den Podcast

15 May Episode 055: The Spielman Effect

On this episode, we cover all of the transaction and suspension news that has happened since the last episode like usual. We also go over every pick we made in the 2018 NFL Draft and The Hammer gives his take on the outcome and what...

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Episode 042: Rummage Sailing | Odin's Den Podcast

07 Nov Episode 042: Rummage Sailing

On our bye week episode, we give you a taste of the glory of US Bank stadium and cover injury and QB news. We also lay down a new player focus, cover some lesser know stats that uncover this years sweet record and hit the...

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Episode 027: Hammering Out The Draft

17 Apr Episode 027: Hammering Out The Draft

On the second episode of the 2017 season of Odin's Den, A-Train & The Hammer cover new signings and injury updates for Teddy, Floyd and Zimmer.  The Hammer gives his best 2017 draft analysis, hopes & potential outcomes.  Get your raw awkward knowledge Vikings style...

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Austin Shepherd On The Minnesota Vikings | Odin's Den Podcast

06 Dec Austin Shepherd: The Forgotten Man

In May of 2015, the Minnesota Vikings selected Austin Shepherd in the 7th round of the NFL Draft with little fanfare.  Described by Mark Dulgerian as "a fighter who won with effort against SEC opponents"; Shepherd was widely viewed as a tough, hard-nosed football player...

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Episode 014: The Loneliest Bye Week | Odin's Den

17 Oct Episode 014: The Loneliest Bye Week

On this very sad episode, A-Train struggles to find happiness when there is no one to beat up this week.  We cover some news about the DWI, Heinicke coming back and our thoughts on roster movement.  Another Vikings Player Focus finds it's way on the...

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