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Episode 077: Season Hibernation | Odin's Den Podcast

07 Jan Episode 077: Season Hibernation

On our last weekly episode of the 2018 season, we cover the last game with the Bears. The results of the prediction game don't bode well for the A-Train. We try to recap the season and what we need to fix, and look ahead ...

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Episode 075: Flogging The Dolphin | Odin's Den Podcast

18 Dec Episode 075: Flogging The Dolphin

The Hammer is back in studio for this episode, as we cover what little news there is, let lose 2 player focuses, and cover the Dolphins game slaughter. We can score points again! Another victory Monday Vikings Nation! SKOL! ...

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Episode 074: Flip The Script | Odin's Den Podcast

13 Dec Episode 074: Flip The Script

On this episode of Odin's Den, Ronster sits in for The Hammer and lays the lumber as we cover the news and the awful Seahawks game. The comedic banter is strong on this outing, as we SKOL our way to positive thinking. Do you holiday shopping...

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Episode 073: Abandon Ship | Odin's Den Podcast

04 Dec Episode 073: Abandon Ship

Vikings nation, put down your pitchforks and quiet your calling for rolling heads! This week we feel the frustrations and break down the Patriots game, cover the news & updates, re-live a player focus on an up and coming corner as we try to keep...

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Episode 072: Whine & Cheese Party | Odin's Den Podcast

27 Nov Episode 072: Whine & Cheese Party

Take out your cheese grater as we enjoy another fine battle won over the Packers! We give you the scoop on the injuries before and during the game, the game breakdown and we look at how the Packers have fallen overall in the NFC North....

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Episode 068: The Heat Is On | Odin's Den Podcast

30 Oct Episode 068: The Heat Is On

On Episode 68, A-Train gives a full battle report from his trip to US Bank Stadium, and we cover the Saints game from week 8, along with news and injuries. The A-Train gets heated about the O-Line as they try to figure out what the...

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Episode 067: Turning On The Jets | Odin's Den Podcast

23 Oct Episode 067: Turning On The Jets

Welcome back! On this episode, we keep you up to date on the current injury list, replay a player focus, take a deep dive into the Jets game from week 7, and to top it all off we take a phone call from a Bears...

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Episode 066: Back To Form | Odin's Den Podcast

16 Oct Episode 066: Back To Form

On another fine victory Monday, we cover the Cardinals game and the Mike Hughes injury. The Hammer gives his take on the state of the NFC North, shares being in US Bank Stadium for game 6, and the A-Train catches up on the prediction game....

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Episode 065: Riding High | Odin's Den Podcast

09 Oct Episode 065: Riding High

What a great Monday Vikings Nation! We recorded later than usual but rest assured we are riding high on that sweet, sweet Eagles win. There isn't much going on in the news department, but as usual we cover our victory in week 5 and the...

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