The Eagles: A New Rival Appears

10 Feb The Eagles: A New Rival Appears

The Eagles: A New Rival Appears | Odin's Den Podcast


Until their Superbowl win, the Vikings and the Eagles were more similar than people probably think, except they have an even bigger history of being losers. Vikings fans don’t really talk about the Eagles much, or view them as a main rival, in my mind anyway. Obviously we are all about our division the NFC North, the Packers, Bears & Lions. The Eagles spent their first 20 years being completely worthless, as the Vikings were winning, a lot. The Eagles managed to put together the best team in their pathetic team history in the early 2000’s with Donovan McNabb. That is actually when they should have won a Superbowl. But, how do you manage to go to 4 conference championships in a row and even a Superbowl appearance, and not get the job done. That alone, makes the Vikings look even better. They are now again however, clearly, one of the best teams in the NFC and have one of the best new QB’s as well in Wentz. No I am not talking about Nick Foles, the forever backup. They finally have the one thing we don’t, but I still feel much better about our team, history and fan base. I won’t even get into the fan base of the Eagles. Just go google it and you can see how awful a good portion of them are, mainly being the residents of PA themselves. They had our number this year hard and outplayed the hell out of us. Maybe they do have a bigger chip on their shoulder than we do, and wanted it more. Maybe their fans and fans of teams like the Bills, are examples of what happens when your team is beyond garbage for way to long, so you start going insane. The Vikings make changes, are competitive and know how to win. With all of our disappointments, it still makes me laugh at how many teams are way worse with luck and history. Another thing that baffles me, is how the Eagles have had our number for over 10 years. We have met them 9 times since 2001, and have only beat them twice. They average scoring 29 points against us in those said games. What the absolute hell happens to our defense when we face them. This years NFC championship game was an cruel joke. We pride ourselves on defense and have for a long time. I don’t get it. I guess we can give the Eagles coaching staff credit for out scheming us that bad, time and time again. The NFC is a hard conference, but the Eagles will be a thorn in our side going forward. The NFC North doesn’t seem so bad anymore, our focus should turn to the other big dogs now. Vikings fans won’t forget this year, for good reasons and bad. We won’t forgot how the Eagles fans acted and disrespected us over and over again. But you always have to look forward. Our new OC that came over from the Eagles, John DeFilippo, should be able to get the job done right. Like usual, I eagerly await the next season. SKOL!

– A-Train


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